Test Tone DJ mixes.

On Friday, October 19th 2012, I played a 5 hour set at RISE in Boston. Thanks to the efforts of one Matt Feato, all 4 hours, 59 minutes and 42 seconds of it were recorded and are available for listing on Mixcloud as well in V0 mp3. I've got got a 1.45GB FLAC version for the truly insane. Anyone who wants that will have to contact me directly. The Mixcloud link includes the entire track listing.

Saturnine. I've been a DJ since about 1996, but in that time, I have released exactly zero mixes. I've been working on one, off and on (mostly off) since I first started doing lights in some of the local nightclubs in the spring of 2004. It has evolved considerably during that time, but it also hasn't diverted much from the original idea. The theme here is dark, melancholic downtempo. I made it a point to have the mix be ...musical enough that people who are not familiar with (nor have any interest in) DJ culture might be able to sit through it. I'm going to buck the trend and not post a tracklisting, but I will say this: there are two Portishead tracks, one from Vangelis and one from Ennio Morricone. There's also a remix of a Nancy Sinatra song that was done by a friend of mine. This mix ate my life for entirely too long. It is one giant deep thought, that I am sick of having. I am proud of it, but I'm glad to be done with it. Track selection and arrangement are mine, but others are due credit as well:
Engineered by Ricardo @ Dub LR studios.
Mastered by Luis Flores at Fire Phoenix Audio.
Thanks to: josephin, dikonstrukt, libcrypt, BioweaponTPF.

LAME V2 mp3. Mirror. (104MB)
LAME V0 mp3. Mirror. (130MB)
iTunes AAC. Mirror. (132MB)

Both hosts are quite fast, but the mirror server is sitting on an underused 100Mbit connection. I suggest trying it first. FLAC version available by request.