Essential Online Listening

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Illuminator is on Mixlr

If for some reason that doesn't work, try the mixlr page in your browser of choice. Old shows are available on the showreel page.

During the times that WAMH is off the air, Test Tone appears online at home. Check there first. WAMH is now webcasting 24/7. The link for off-campus listening is right here. Unfortunately, it's 24Kbit stream (yuck). The low quality is due to Amherst College's lack of outbound bandwdith. It's now 128Kbit stereo! If for some reason that doesn't work, check the WAMH's Website for info (and links to additional streaming formats). During Test Tone's hours operation, call [removed] to harass Knuckledragger. Be warned, he's grouchy.